The Lonaconing Silk Mill



Took a trip over to the Silk Mill in Lonaconing, MD yesterday.  Even though the mill is abandoned, it is the only intact silk mill remaining in the United States.  Photographers from all over the area travel to the mill to photograph the rustic appearance of the remaining equipment, architecture, and environment inside the building.

Check out the new page on this site to see the gallery of photographs:  Lonaconing Silk Mill



Five “Must Shoot” Photography Locations in Maryland

One of many beautiful photography locations in Maryland.
Hunt Valley, MD.

If you’re interested in discovering some excellent photography locations in Maryland, this article is for you.

Maryland is one of the most photographically diverse states in the entire country, which is impressive given its diminutive size.  If you made the six hour drive from Ocean City into West Virginia, you’d be treated to a myriad of uniquely interesting places to photograph.  Some of these photography locations in Maryland, however, are “must-sees” for anyone with a camera.

No matter if you seek engagement photos, portraiture, landscape photos, or architecture photos…here are five photography locations in Maryland you must visit:  …

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